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                           1112 Twelfth St. SE, Salem, Oregon 97302

                                         Phone: 503/364-0881   


 We offer LIVE LECTURES and are now accepting registrations for future Real Estate

If you miss a lecture or wish to review the materials again you may make an appointment to watch the session on colored videotape in our Learning Center. 

Our courses have been written to comply with the requirements of the Oregon Real Estate Agency and supply All The Necessary Educational Background And Hours to enable a student to sit successfully for the State Exam.  This requires the Broker to show competency in seven areas of (1) Real Estate Law, (2) Real Estate Finance and (3) Real Estate Practice (4) Real Estate Contracts, (5) Real Estate Property Management, (6) Real Estate Agency and (7) Real Estate Brokerage.  The student will acquire hours in each of these areas, for a total of 150 classroom hours.  

Qualifying Exams will be given covering each of the areas. Students receiving a passing grade of 75% or better will be issued a Certificate of Completion which in turn will be tendered to the Oregon Real Estate Agency to attest to their competency.  There will be opportunities to take the qualifying exams more than once, if necessary.

The school writes all its own text materials and will supply you with a printed lesson for each evening of class.  We register upon receipt of the tuition on a First-Come-First-Served basis.  The tuition includes your registration fee, printed lesson materials, live lectures, make-up videos, Drills, Qualifying exams and Reviews.  Your application to take the state exam must be sent to the Oregon Real Estate Agency.  We will furnish the form to you in advance.

                         BROKER TUITION, FEE & BOOKS: $695.00

IF YOU WISH TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and return the original to us WITH your tuition.  Upon receipt of the tuition and form, we will send you verification of enrollment. Please make checks payable to NORMAN F. WEBB, 1112 12th Street SE Salem Oregon 97302.

 As set forth in OAR 581-45-26 regarding refunds: Written Notice of intention to withdraw must be given five  business days of date of enrollment and prior to the commencement of classes and the student will receive a full refund.  If notice is given after 5 business days of the date of enrollment but prior to the start of classes, then the school can retain the published registration fee. Of $37.50; if withdrawal occurs prior to completion of 50% of the contracted instructional program, a pro-rata refund minus the registration fee will be given; over 50%, no refund will be given, however student may complete the course within 12 months of original course start date with permission.  The tuition and fees are allocated as follows. Broker books and materials $432.50, tuition $225.00.  Students aggrieved by action of the school should attempt to resolve these problems with appropriate school officials.  Should this procedure fail, student may contact: Oregon Higher Coordinating Commission, 255 Capitol NE Salem, OR 97310.

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